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Battlestar Galactica (BSG), created in the 1970s by Glen Larson , is an under-developed franchise. In the original story line, the main antagonists, the Cylons were reptilian who were overthrown by their mechanical creations. The SyFy Channel (Ronald Moore) has re-imagined the original story into a more abstract, metaphysical version. Our version is more in-line with Glen Larson’s original vision.

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A classical story of “evil” [the devil reveals himself at the end of the story] encouraging deceit, betrayal, and hate to instigate conflict and death among species and people.  The story is loosely based upon Greek and Roman mythology. This story highlights the dangers posed by seduction, power, and instant gratification.  It is basically about how an entire civilization is seduced into a “Devil’s Deal” that ultimately leads to their destruction.  The story is interwoven into a science fiction/fantasy backdrop of an established franchise, Battlestar Galactica.


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  • Lucrative opportunit
  • New, unique material for this genre and franchis
  • Candidate for 3D Movie and advanced technologi
  • Big Market: Science Fiction/ Fantasy/ Adventure /Action (66% of the Top 50 Grossing Movies)


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